Looking for cheap and convenient equipment hire services in Moe? We’re here to help at West Gippsland Hire. As long-term participants in the construction and heavy machinery industry, we know how important it is to have the right equipment for the job. But having the right equipment isn’t always easy.


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Equipment Hire in Moe

For one-off projects, nobody wants to spend a fortune buying brand-new, high-quality stuff, just as they don’t want to take the cheaper route and buy equipment that doesn’t deliver. Working with what you’ve got is also not an option—unless you want the project handled poorly. So what’s the solution? Hiring well-made, expertly designed equipment at an affordable price. With West Gippsland Hire, you can have the perfect piece of machinery for cheap, saving money without compromising on quality.

Earthmoving Equipment Hire in Moe

If you’re seeking services in earthmoving equipment hire, you’ll be happy you stumbled upon West Gippsland Hire. Simply explore our earthworks catalogue to find a ton of info on bulldozers, backhoe loaders, compaction equipment, skid steers, and big and small excavator hire for residents of Moe. We also offer a range of earthmoving attachments, including trenchers, ski steer slashers, and rotary power graders.

Landscaping & Gardening Equipment Hire

Along with earthmoving equipment, West Gippsland Hire has a wide selection of landscaping and gardening gear. If you need hedge trimmers, rotary hoes, chainsaws, or ride-on lawn mowers delivered to you in Moe, we have heaps of high-quality and reliable options. We also have a range of hirable equipment for lawn care, tree removal, and tree trimming.

The Best EWP/Material Handling & Building Equipment

Why consider things like boom lift or fork lift? If you’ve done large-scale projects before, you’ll know that things go a lot smoother with EWP/material-handling equipment. With pieces of machinery handling the heavy lifting, your workplace will be far safer and more efficient. For those seeking scissor lifts, boom lifts, material lifters, and fork lifts in Moe, we can help you with an impressive selection of tough, durable machinery. We also have a bunch of stuff for building and renovation projects, including generators, renovators, and concrete equipment.

Check Out Our Trailers

Like the sound of an affordable trailer for hire? You’re in luck! At West Gippsland Hire, we have car trailers, furniture trailers, and cage trailers with ramps available for your use. Just like our lawnmowers, forklifts and excavators, our trailers can be rented for hire in Moe and surrounding areas.

From Forklifts to Lawn Mowers: Moe Is the Place To Be!

When it comes to equipment hire, West Gippsland Hire has you covered. Backed by our excellent customer service, we help DIY-ers and professionals complete their projects with ease, offering a money-saving solution for those short-term or one-off projects. Explore our massive range today and experience the convenience of hiring heavy-duty equipment.
Read about our customers’ experiences and rest assured that you will join the ranks of satisfied renters from West Gippsland Hire.

Call today or book online and we’ll help you tick off your next task for cheap! Let’s get started today.

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