Material Lifters

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8m Material Lifter
8m Material Lifter
$125.00 per day

Leave the Heavy Lifting to Material Lifters

Even with your entire team’s manpower combined, you’re unlikely to shift a weight of 350 kilograms without a material lifter. At West Gippsland Hire, we have material lifters available for rent in Drouin—or anywhere in the West Gippsland region. While a small scissor lift can lift a human into high places, a material lifter can go one better. We house a model with a height limit of eight metres and loading capacity of 350 kilograms: the equivalent weight of at least four people put together! (That said, please do not load humans onto the material lifter.) Arms outstretched and built from a blend of aluminium and steel, our material lifters are half-way to being Superman. Could you use one on your worksite?

Why Buy New When You Can Rent at Sale Prices?

Let’s say you have a one-time job that calls for a material lifter. You wouldn’t want to buy the equipment for a single use, would you? Some may compensate for this by buying cheap equipment that isn’t up to scratch or by making do with machinery that’s slightly wrong for the job. With West Gippsland Hire, you don’t need to make these compromises. You can rent that material lifter for a day, a weekend, or the entire week ahead for a fraction of the price of buying new. To sweeten the deal further, we also provide the best customer service to the entire West Gippsland region. Whether you need material lifter or boom lift hire services, you can pick up your equipment from our HQ in Drouin or take advantage of delivery for a cheap fee.

The Best Customer Service in the West

If you need further convincing that we’re the best in Gippsland’s west, we need only direct you to our suite of five-star ratings on Google. Our customers leave glowing reviews online detailing their outstanding experiences with us! So, if you need Drouin equipment hire, we hope you will consider us for your next project. Confirm your material lifter hire online today by submitting an enquiry OR do it the old-fashioned way by calling our number. Did your job just get a whole lot easier?