6″ Wood Chipper

The ST6P is a genuine, hardy, performance tool; building on the Först reputation of jaw dropping performance and robust, tough construction. Another Först with no holds barred, and bringing you bang up to date ready for the 2019 emissions regulations. 6″ Capacity/Petrol/ PETROL / 750KG / 37hp.

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Day Weekend Week
$330 $430 $1200
  • Machine operation run through will be provided upon hire.
  • Victorian Drivers Licence
  • Second Form of Identification Required
Recommended Safety Equipment
  • boot
  • ear-muff
  • gloves
  • safety-glasses

What's Included?

Damage Waiver

Conditions apply

Conditions apply

8 Hours

Extra hours chargeable as per rates.

Extra hours chargeable as per rates.


Machines get dirty, we clean all our machines for free.

Machines get dirty, we clean all our machines for free.

What's Not?

Regular Unleaded

Charged extra as used.

Blade Damage

No Processed timber Root balls and stumps to avoid blade damage Extra charges apply for excessive blade damage


Pick up from our headquarters available.


ModelForst 6 " Wood chipper
Engine37 hp Vangaurd V twin petrol
Weight745 Kg Mechanical brakes
Feed Roller Aperture6” x 8” / 150mm x 200mm
Noise Level122 dB
Fuel Tank Capacity30 liters



Jaw Dropping Performance

The ST6P is a genuine, hardy, performance tool.

01 37HP V Twin Petrol Enging
Hosting a 37HP petrol engine which is much lighter engine than the diesel unit, but putting out more horse power and offering a staggering performance and chipping speed. This engine picks up quicker when the no stress cuts in than a diesel, which means this machine is fast, it’s also as fuel efficient as the diesel believe it or not!
02 Auto Intelligence Control
A simple yet advanced electrical control system taking care of all the electrics on the machine. Historically electrics on plant and machinery are a troublesome – AutoIntelligence overcomes this with a completely water and vibration proof system designed and tested in the toughest environments. This system gives excellent usability and outstanding reliability, it will also make you aware when servicing is due and will recommend routine maintenance.
03 Forstgrip Feed Roller System
Twin hydraulic horizontal feed roller system offering exceptional grip on timber. The large top feed lifts on an arc, climbing toward the timber rather than lifting straight up and down, this makes climbing butt ends exceptional.  High tension due to twin heavy duty springs and a large bearings supporting either side of the top feed roller ensures strength and durability
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