ASV RT50 Posi and Tip Truck Combo

A robust, versatile and simple to operate two tonne truck with a tipping body that delivers high productivity and can be driven with a car licence. The rear tray can be loaded with various materials our trucks are loaded with all the latest safety features as well as automatic transmissions.

The RT-50 continues the tradition with 907kg rated operating capacity while weighing just 2427kg, making it easy to tow on a trailer by a standard ute. Not to mention the low 3.1 psi ground pressure, extra spacious cab with a deluxe seat and extensive head and leg room, and the powerful 49.6 HP turbocharged engine. This small yet comfortable and powerful machine packs an impressive punch, and is ideal for contractors, homeowners, or rental customers.

Hire Today

Day Weekend Week
$605 $895 $2300
  • Machine operation run through will be provided upon hire.
  • Victorian Drivers Licence
  • Second Form of Identification Required
Recommended Safety Equipment
  • boot
  • ear-muff
  • gloves
  • safety-glasses

What's Included?

Damage Waiver

Reasonable conditions apply including all damage caused by tipping is chargeable under the damage waiver.

Reasonable conditions apply including all damage caused by tipping is chargeable under the damage waiver.


8 hours per day 12 per weekend 40 per week

8 hours per day 12 per weekend 40 per week


200 Km allowed per day 300 Km per weekend

200 Km allowed per day 300 Km per weekend


Comes on trailer free of charge

Comes on trailer free of charge

Smudge Bar

Comes free of charge

Comes free of charge

What's Not?


Charged extra as used.

Extra Hours

Charged at $20 per hour including GST

Extra Kilometers

Charged at $0.30 a Kilometer


We don't expect it detailed just remove all bulk material of machine and tipper body


Slasher Auger Trencher also available for this machine


Pick up from our headquarters available. delivery can also be arranged at extra cost


ModelASV RT50
BabEnclosed cab with ac
Tipping Load1814
Ground Pressure3.1 psi
Engine Power49.6 hp
Travel Speed11.4
Ground Clearance366 mm
Machine Width1486 mm
Machine Length3211 mm
Machine Height2050 mm
Track Width381
TruckFuso / Isuzu
Payload Capacity2.5 T
WeightVaries on individual vehicles
Height2350 mm
Tray Length3000 mm
Tray Width1800



Truck Features

With active safety technology on board, a system of sensors constantly monitor the truck’s performance and surroundings. The aim is to prevent accidents before they happen, but if a collision is unavoidable, active safety features help reduce the impact.

01 Power
The ASV RT-50 offers exceptional digging and pushing power from its Posi-Power system combined with a 50-horsepower class engine and high efficiency drive system. This smooth-running 3-cylinder diesel engine gives you the power you want, when you want it. And attachments are a breeze thanks to its efficient cooling system and robust hydraulic system with 3,000 psi of auxiliary pressure and 50 LPM flow. So you’ll get the job done faster and easier than ever before.
02 Performance
Soft ground conditions are no problem for the RT-50. With its light weight and class-leading ground pressure of only 3.1 psi, you can get to work sooner after wet weather — even on sensitive turf. This is thanks to its 15-inch-wide tracks and even weight distribution on the patented Posi-Track undercarriage. It has an 11.4 km/h top-speed to get around quickly. And the loader’s 278cm pin height means operators can load landscape trucks and even small dump trucks.
03 Comfort
Not only does Posi-Track technology improve traction, it also improves operator comfort with a smoother ride for less fatigue during a long day in the cab. For more comfort, there’s the optional suspended seat, cold weather cab with heater or pressurized all-weather cab with heat and A/C. And because of an exceptional 14.4 inches of ground clearance, nearly double that of comparable models, you can use the RT-50 to ride over logs, rocks or mud, for all-weather productivity.
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