Barrel light

Mine-Spec Barrel Light Tower is built for 360 degree low glare light with 20% more light than any other low glare solution on the market today. Our Barrel Light Towers feature a hard polycarbonate light filtering lens and are user friendly and compatible with automatic 7 day stop-start timers.

Specifically designed for high impact lighting of mine-haul road intersections, road works, construction sites, events and general industrial and maintainance programs. The unit has a 4-stage, telescopic hydraulic mast with a height of 10 m when fully extended and a large 100 L fuel tank, which provides about 80 h of operation. For lifting, safe handling and transportation, the unit also contains four lifting eyes, four tie-down points and two forklift pockets with a retractable drawbar for sideways loading onto flatbed trucks. Manual outriggers are also fitted as standard to provide additional set-up stability.

With a hard polycarbonate light diffuser to subdue glare, the unit allows workers to complete tasks without the brightness of lights hampering their sight or job at hand, ensuring it is also a safe option for use in high traffic environments.

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What's Included?

Damage Waiver

Conditions Apply

Conditions Apply


8 hours a day 40 a week 160 a Month

8 hours a day 40 a week 160 a Month

What's Not?


Charged as used if not Returned full

Extra hours

Charged at $10 a hour


Mast elevation10 m
Light power4000 watts
Fuel tank capacity100 L
Run time80 Hours
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