D5 Next Gen Dozer

The Cat D5 succeeds the renowned D6N with superior performance, a fully automatic transmission and the broadest choice of technology features to help you get the most from your dozer. Nimble and responsive, it has power for dozing and finesse for grading.

Hire Today

  • Machine operation run through will be provided upon hire.
  • Victorian Drivers Licence
  • Second Form of Identification Required
Recommended Safety Equipment
  • boot

What's Included?

Damage Waiver

Conditions apply

Conditions apply


Extra hours chargeable as per rates.

Extra hours chargeable as per rates.

What's Not?


Charged extra as used. $3.30 a liter (so pays to fuel it up)


Delivery only because we can't guarantee the pick up location

Machine Brand

Cant always Guarantee the machine brand but we try our hardest to give you what's shown


ModelCaterpillar D5 Next Gen
Weight9408 Kg
Power71.6 kw @ Flywheel



Operator Helpers

Assist features help make work easier, especially for less experienced operators. Some blade and steering functions are automated so newer operators can work at productivity levels closer to their veteran counterparts. Seasoned operators can enjoy reduced effort and fatigue, along with faster, more accurate results.

  • Harness added weight and horsepower to take on a wide range of dozing and grading tasks.
  • Improved steering, tighter turning radius, quicker turns at the end of each pass help you finish jobs faster.
  • Fully automatic 3-speed transmission gives you seamless acceleration, faster cycle times and more nimble movement around the jobsite.
  • No need to shift – just set your desired ground speed and the dozer adjusts for maximum fuel efficiency and power to the ground.
  • Agility and ideal machine balance help you achieve high quality grades quickly.
  • Take on heavier work with a purpose-built push arm model.
  • Power train automatically controls brakes, transmission and steering to provide tighter turns and help operators more easily work on slopes.

Designed For Operators

  • Completely redesigned, more spacious cab sets the standard in comfort and productivity.
  • More glass area, steeper hood angle provide 30% better forward visibility than the previous model.
  • 10-in (254 mm) touchscreen display with easy-to-use operator interface.
  • Standard High Definition rearview camera shows prominently in the main display.
  • Wider air suspension seat has multiple adjustments for personalized comfort.
  • Entire armrest adjusts forward and backward independent of the seat.
  • Ample storage spaces throughout the cab
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