Framing Gun

Gas nail gun developed specifically for wood framing applications including, wood framing for stud walls and roofs, roof battens and counter battens, timber substructures, external cladding and wall/roof panelling.

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  • Machine operation run through will be provided upon hire.
  • VIctorian Driver License
  • Second Form of Identification Required
Recommended Safety Equipment
  • boot
  • ear-muff
  • safety-glasses

What's Included?

Damage Waiver

Conditions apply

Conditions apply

What's Not?


Pick up from our headquarters available.


Available in store


ModelGX 90 Framing nail gun
Weight3.7 Kg
Dimensions (L/W)384 x 134 mm
Fastener intake84 nails

Special Features

Special Features
  • Cordless alternative for most common wood framing applications – eliminating trailing cables and hoses
  • Designed to significantly increase productivity – high-capacity magazine and Li-ion battery
  • Unique safety nose significantly reduces risk of free-firing, helping to minimise health and safety concerns
  • High-grip nose, easy depth adjustment (tool-free) and protective cap help to optimise working precision
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