Scarifier / Power Rate

The PR Series efficiently removes matted thatch from turf in 20″ / 51 cm passes, and its rugged design withstands the most demanding use. The rotation of the flail blade shaft is clock wise, this propels the PR forward, making it self propelled.

As the PR Series weighs slightly more than other power rakes on the market, with steel guards, heavier wheels, premium bearings, and a 3,6 mm steel engine base, the PR absorbs much of the vibration before it is transferred to the handle, which improves operator comfort and handling.

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Day Weekend Week
$135 $160 $390
  • Machine operation run through will be provided upon hire.
  • Victorian Drivers Licence
  • Second Form of Identification Required
Recommended Safety Equipment
  • boot
  • ear-muff
  • safety-glasses

What's Included?

Damage Waiver

Conditions apply

Conditions apply


Machines get dirty, we clean all our machines for free.

Machines get dirty, we clean all our machines for free.

What's Not?

Regular unleaded

Charged extra as used.


If you don't have a trailer with ramps we can supply you one for $10 extra


Pick up from our headquarters available.


ModelBilly Goat PR Scarifier
Engine5 hp
Rake depth+12mm to - 25mm.
Productivity (m2/h)1225
Rake Width (cm/in)51 / 20
Weight68 Kg
Dimensions L/W/H1160 / 670 1190 mm


  • Heavy Duty Depth Adjustment: Save on blade wear when compared to pre set adjustments that may promote premature flail wear. +12mm to - 25mm.
  • PR Flail Reel: Heat treated and tempered blades stand up to heavy use.
  • Foldable Handles: Great for storage, transport
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